What You Need to Know About Moving with Kids

Relocation is a daunting task, especially when children are involved. It’s hard for them to leave everything that’s familiar - their room, home, neighborhood, school and friends. They may feel confused or afraid about all of the changes. Let’s explore how to make moving easier for your kids and also for you as a family. 

Everyone wants to understand big changes before they happen, including kids. Preparing them in advance and speaking about the move positively can help them adjust. 

  • Preparing your kids in advance
    Discuss your plans about relocating - where you’re going and why you’re making the move. It helps when they know what to expect.  
  • Creating a positive environment
    Keep it happy and light. When you talk about the move, convey excitement about the new possibilities in store for them at your new home.  
  • Involving them, from start to finish
    Include your children in the planning and packing process. Having a role in the move gives them a sense of connection and confidence. 

Once you’ve moved, how can you help your kids adjust? As parents, there are some simple ways you can help them feel grounded and get off to a great, new start. 

  • Arranging their rooms and belongings
    Settle in and decorate your children’s rooms first. Let them participate in unpacking and arranging their personal things so their new room feels like it’s truly theirs. 
  • Continuing familiar routines
    It’s best to stick to the same daily schedule in your new home. It provides stability and comfort, and helps them adjust to their new environment. 
  • Interacting with new people
    Organize a family dinner with your neighbors. That will give your kids an opportunity to make new friends and feel at home. 

Whether you are moving a few blocks away or to a different country, these tips can help your children accept and adjust to the move with greater comfort.  

Hopkins & Sons has been moving families locally, long distance and internationally since 1946. We have helped tens of thousands of families relocate. When it’s time for your family to move, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for a free estimate. 

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