The Best Questions to Ask Moving Companies

Moving is stressful enough without the added stress of trying to find a good moving company. With so many to choose from it can be overwhelming. While it may not seem like a hard decision, a moving company is responsible for handling and moving all of your most-valued possessions and they are all throughout your home or office. In addition to all of the other costs of moving, you are also paying the moving company so you will definitely want to work with a trustworthy company. 

What is your experience with this type of move?

Every moving company is different. Some moving companies just focus on residential moves, while others have a much more diverse offering. Be sure to go over all of the details of your move with the company. If you are moving out of a high-rise building, the moving company may need to plan for bringing your items down a stairwell or elevators. If you are moving an office space, the moving company may need a map to ensure each employees computer makes it to their new desk. 

There are also instances when movers need special equipment and know-how, including moving large, bulky, or otherwise awkward items. If you have a hot tub, pool table, piano, antique furniture, or large pieces of artwork, you fit this category. Check with the moving company to be sure they know how to handle these pieces with care.

Are you licensed and insured?

We all know there are a lot of scams out there. It can be easy for someone to purchase a truck, slap a logo on it, and say all the right things. Make sure your mover is licensed and insured.

If you’re moving interstate, your mover must hold a US Department of Transportation (DOT) license. Local movers are slightly different, obtaining licenses from their state. Any reputable moving company will have a state-issued license wherever they’re operating. You’ll find the regulations vary from state to state, so take a moment to do some research and make sure you can trust your moving company before hiring them.

What services do your offer?

Did you know that most moving companies offer much more than just moving your items? Depending on your needs and budget, you may want to ask what other services your moving company offers. Here are some common services in addition to moving:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Long or short-term storage
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Specialty items like pianos, pool tables, large artwork, antiques
  • Custom crating for fragile items

What is included in my quote?

While you may be in a rush to get started, be sure you understand what is included in your quote. You don’t want to be hit with surprise fees or not have the protection you thought you did should something go wrong. Talk with the moving company to find out what is and is not included. Be sure to ask about mileage fees and additional charges for special items. Also make sure you read the fine print of who is responsible should any of your items be damaged.

Get Started

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