"We hope this message finds you well. We are reaching out this morning to share with you our feedback on our entire experience with Hopkins and Sons.

 From start to finish, every interaction that we had with your company was perfectly professional and kept us calm and comforted during a time of very high stress. I shared with you before that the move out crew was great, but I didn’t think that the move in crew could possibly be even better. These men were so fantastic, and their happy and upbeat demeanor (as they’re moving super heavy objects in the blazing Florida heat!) kept us so at peace during a very intense time. I really cannot say enough great things about them. And of course, Allen was steady as a rock, calm and collected and always there when we needed anything. (Not to mention you’ve also been there to answer all of our questions in a timely manner, too! Thank you so much!)

 Please pass along this information to any and everyone.  It’s so hard to find good employees today, and we are so impressed that Hopkins and Sons has maintained such a high employee standard in these times.

 Thanks again!"

 — Michelle &Bobby M.

"I have been in the process of moving now for about a month or more.  I started out with (1) HOPS box filled it and sent it back to you for storage got a 2nd HOPS box filled it until I bought my home then moved it there then that HOPS box went back to my then current home for a 3rdpacking...it now sits in the driveway of my new home.   I hope to be able to organize enough that I can return in next few week.  Everyone was great to work with Leslie was wonderful and all the men who dropped off and picked up were great.

 BUT my movers were the very BEST.  It has been a very stressful time as my husband hasn't been well and the move really fell onto me to organize and well DO THE MOVE.   Curtis "CJ" and his team were well just wonderful...I few times I was so tired I thought I would cry.  His son and I liked similar music and he would put on music for all of us it was so sweet.  CJ was calm, professional and kept the pace up until the last piece of furniture was out of the truck.  Originally it was to be a (4) hr move but I called Chris about 2 days before to say I just couldn't get anymore done.  It turned out to be an 8 hr almost 9 hr move.  I don't think I could have survived without someone like CJ to take charge, he keep saying "we got you".  I gave them a tip after they packed up the house, I was so impressed and relieved that CJ took charge and got "me moved" that I turned around and gave them a 2nd tip.  They were so appreciative but not as much as I was...

 Please let CJ know how thankful and impressed I was with him and his crew."

— Thomas & Brennan-J

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