Moving History with Precision

Historical artifacts carefully placed in warehouse shelves

It's not every day that you come across a moving story that transcends the ordinary. When it comes to relocation, most of us think of a shuffle of furniture and boxes. But what if your cargo includes irreplaceable historical artifacts and centuries-old relics? That's a specialty move that demands a heart for history, extremely careful handling, great attention to detail and a very experienced crew. This is the story of one such move, masterfully orchestrated by Hopkins & Sons.

You might wonder- what made this move so unique and demanding? The answer is simple: it was the fine thread of detail that wove this moving tapestry together. From a piece of a 19th-century ship to a grandfather's clock or an antique typewriter, every item had its own story and needed to be treated with the utmost care. 

A Piece of History: A 19th-century ship fragment 

Our responsibility was to ensure that these treasures, which were located in a few storage facilities, were ALL moved into one facility. In the new warehouse, we had to place them in precisely the same shelf position they occupied in the old storage facilities. 

Time-honored Pieces find a new home

The Hopkins & Sons team had to prepare each item for safe transit, meticulously catalog and inventory every piece, and finally, return them to their dedicated positions on the racks and shelves in the new warehouse. The process was slow, and attention to detail was paramount, taking nearly three weeks to complete. It wasn't just a move; it was a mission to safeguard the heritage of the State of Delaware.

In the moving business, promises are made and expectations are set. This move exceeded our clients’ expectations. Positive feedback from our customers holds immense significance for our team at Hopkins & Sons. When they take the time to recognize the commitment and dedication of our crew, it means the world to us. It's not just a gesture of appreciation; it's a testament to the fact that Hopkins & Sons is a moving company that goes above and beyond to deliver on our promises to our clients.

So, whether you're looking to move a vast collection of irreplaceable artifacts, a cherished family heirloom, or anything in between, Hopkins & Sons is your trusted partner. Contact us today to make your move a smooth and memorable experience.

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