Meet Joe Malinowski, Our Assistant VP, Operations & Warehouse

 Joe Malinowski smiling

For the last three decades, Joe Malinowski has been an invaluable addition to the Hopkins & Sons team. With his dedication and attention to detail, he embodies our culture of outstanding customer service. His journey here began when he was just a teenager. Now, everything that comes in and out of our warehouses goes through Joe. 

When he graduated high school, a young and dynamic, 16-year old Joe was determined to make it on his own.  That’s when he joined Hopkins & Sons. He started out as a helper on a moving crew and has flourished here ever since. 

Once Joe got his Commercial Driver's License, he was on the road for about 10 years before joining our Warehouse Operations division. Currently, as the Assistant VP, Operations & Warehouse, Joe supervises all incoming and outgoing storage shipments, residential and commercial. He oversees logistics, storage, delivery and handling of materials and orders. When Joe’s in charge, we know he’s got everything covered. He is one of the deeply respected and indispensable employees, who have been working with us for decades. 

“We have a lot of long-term employees here. That's a big asset, especially when you're training new guys.  We train them‒not in the way that the moving industry does it‒but the way that we do it here. We try to do things a little bit better and take a little more time, with a little more patience. That’s how we deliver better results.” - Joe Malinowski, Assistant VP, Operations & Warehouse, Hopkins & Sons

For Joe, reputation is everything. As the AVP of Operations & Warehouse, he ensures that we uphold the highest standards of warehousing policies and procedures. We pass regular inspections with flying colors from federal, state and local agencies. He practices an open-door policy. Any client is welcome to visit our warehouses without prior notice to observe the conditions and operations at our facilities. Having clean, well-run warehouses is part of our commitment to outstanding customer service. 

On the personal side, when Joe’s not working, he loves spending time with his family. He met his wife Dana in high school and they got married on Sept. 9, 2001. Now, they are proud parents of three‒two daughters and one son. The whole family enjoys boating together, whenever the weather allows. 

Joe has dedicated his adult life and expertise to Hopkins & Sons and our clients. With our company’s  four generations of family leadership and trusted, long-term employees like Joe, we are able to meet and exceed expectations every day. Contact us. 

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