H.O.P.S.: It’s More Than a Container… It’s a Safehouse

H.O.P.S Portable unit being towed

Whether it is protecting your belongings during remodeling and refurbishing your home or simply storing your invaluable artworks and heirlooms, Hopkins Onsite Portable Storage, or H.O.P.S., is the answer. Our rentable and portable storage units have a wide range of uses when undertaking the following tasks: 

  • Relocating to a new home
    Move at your own pace. Load your belongings into these mobile containers after packing. They can be shipped to our warehouse for long or short-term safekeeping, or directly to your next location as scheduled.
  • Renovating your house
    Utilize H.O.P.S to store your possessions, especially valuable and intricate items, during renovation. This will protect them from damage or theft, and also allow you to manage space in a better way.  
  • Downsizing or reorganizing your space
    Items that are rarely used, used seasonally or redundant can be placed inside our portable units and parked outside your home. You can also send them to our secure storage yard in New Castle, DE. 

Check out the unique features that make our H.O.P.S. containers so reliable:

  • Our high-quality moveable storage units measure 16 feet long, 7.5 feet wide and 7.5 feet high. 
  • They have a three-quarter-inch treated plywood floor. 
  • A thermal roof checks condensation and regulates heat inside the container all throughout the year. 
  • Straps, tie downs and securing rings keep all logistics in place. 
  • These units come with clean storage blankets and overhead garage-style doors.
  • Its delivery system maintains the level of the box to prevent tilting while moving.  

Portability is a major plus point of H.O.P.S. The ability to be moved from point A to point B helps make relocating more efficient. Our services cover Delaware and bordering counties in Maryland and Pennsylvania. You can take your time while packing and loading these boxes. You can choose to keep them at your location or send them for safekeeping at our video-monitored yard. Whether you want to use them for short-term or long-term is completely up to you. 

Hopkins Onsite Portable Storage is a one-stop solution to all your storage and moving problems. It helps in organizing, downsizing and decluttering your items with ease. From heavy furniture to important documents, all will be safely secured from external hazards. Features like temperature-controlled systems and delivery systems ensure that no items stored inside are harmed. Learn more about H.O.P.S. and how you can rent one here

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